The Push Up Bras Story

The Push Up Bras Story
It started off as a piece of clothing worn solely for a purpose. It then evolved into a fashion piece. Today, there is an entire industry for it and millions of hungry customers. Of course, this is a reference to the everyday item called the brassiere, or more commonly known as the bra.

Bras come in a variety of designs to help suit the different occasions. They vary in shape, size, coverage, functionality, fabric and more. Many are designed for basic functionality and support but there are always the more provocative styles made purely for fashion and kindling the sensual. However, despite the plethora of designs available today, one particular style has been capturing imaginations ever since its introduction in the last century.

The Wonderbra, or more appropriately known as the push up bra, basically enhances a woman’s cleavage, making her breasts look fuller and firmer. It generally achieves this effect in one of 2 ways. The first method involves the supporting pads being placed directly underneath the breasts. This essentially pushes them up, resulting in a fuller looking cleavage. The second type of push up bra is not really so much of a push-up, but more of a “push-in”. The pads on the bra are positioned to be on the outside of the breasts, pushing them inwards and towards each other. This ends up creating the effect of a deep cleavage that is usually only associated with full, firm breasts. Evidently, all push up bras offer much in terms of support for the ladies’ breasts.

Nonetheless, it was not uncommon to hear of women complaining about the discomfort of wearing push up bras. The under-wires were not particularly soft or flexible and often caused irritation and discomfort to the wearer. However, recent times have seen dramatic improvements in the designs of push up bras and they are becoming increasingly comfortable. In addition to changes in the design and support itself, the material used in supporting pads are also seeing constant change. For instance, silicone gel implants similar to those used in breast surgery have become available in push up bras. This not only increases the comfort level of the wearer, but imitates the overall look and feel of the women’s assets as well.

Unsurprisingly, the push up bra has slowly but surely started to become a must-have item for most ladies these days. Women want the effect that it brings and guys love the effect it delivers. Although a good push up bra can cost quite a bit, it is nothing when compared to the hefty sums involved in breast augmentation surgeries. Along that same line of comparison, push up bras are also a far safer, faster and more convenient way of enhancing a woman’s assets.

The revolutionary push up bra is no longer an item worn solely for purpose or functionality, but has grown into a piece of clothing no modern woman can live without. Such a bold statement surely only solidifies claims of it being a fashion item worthy of its very own industry.