Silicone Gel Bra Inserts

Since its introduction in the last century, the Wonderbra has revolutionized the bra industry. Women who dream of fuller, firmer breasts finally found a method that is easily and conveniently available to them. The push up bra not only gives the ladies the cleavage they always desired, but came at a very affordable price too when compared to other breast enhancement techniques. Due to this very fact, it is no surprise that the push up bra soon found its way into the hearts of millions and grew to have its own industry. However, a relatively new development in the push up bra industry promises to take things to an entirely new level. This is the gel bra.

The gel bra has many alternate names. Some call it the water bra. Others call it a silicone bra. However, despite the different names given to this item, it is basically a successor to the ever popular push up bra. It differs from its predecessor in the fact that instead of using cotton inserts and padding, gel bras use silicone gel. The end result is a far more natural look and feel of the breasts.

Traditional cotton padded bras tend to look rigid and stiff although the wearer might be in motion. Hence, despite the amazing enhanced visual effect given to a woman’s cleavage, they generally end up looking unnatural. The silicone gel used in a gel bra is far more fluid and dynamic. This essentially gives the overall appearance a much more natural look and feel. An overwhelming majority of women who have tried both types distinctly prefer the gel bra and this has caused a huge surge in its sales over the past few years.

In addition to the already amazing effect the gel bra can give, it also has the added benefit of increasing your cup size. In usual situations, it increases the cup size of a woman by 1 but this can go up by as much as 2 sizes in certain cases. Worn together with the right clothing, the resulting effect is truly astounding. With the perfect female figure so highly sought after by women all over the world, it is not difficult to see just why this specific type of bra has seen its popularity soar in recent times.

Many gel bras also come with the option of silicone gel bra inserts. This means that you can switch your inserts around as and when you please. Replacing inserts of various sizes effectively allows you to have full control over how ample you want your breasts to look.

With so many advantages and benefits, the gel bra is truly worthy of being termed a successor to the famous push up bra. Due to these factors, despite being in an industry that is ever changing and constantly evolving, one can be easily forgiven for believing that gel bra inserts are here to stay for a long time.