Shoe Lifts Summary

Shoe Lifts

Shoe lifts also known as heel lifts or height increase insoles, have been in existence for a while now, developed as a cost effective replacement for the cumbersome and expensive "elevator shoes" that were the fore runner of shoe lifts. Thin inserts placed inside the shoe to raise the heel to increase the height, giving exactly the same effect as women's high heel shoes. This effect had previously only been available with "elevator shoes" where the inserts were actually an integral part of the shoe itself. Elevator shoes were a revolutionary concept that helped a lot of people, who felt the need for an increase in height.Though highly effective and extremely popular, "elevator shoes" had a severe drawback, financial in nature and also highly restrictive, in that an individual wishing to obtain the obvious benefits, paid a high price for the shoes but only received the benefit in height increase, when wearing those shoes and only, those shoes. Essential extra height was only obtainable with those particular and expensive shoes. When not wearing the highly priced shoes, the individual's original height was once again restored in an instant, so that height was dependent on wearing the "elevator shoes" at all hours of the day and for all occasions, be it work or play. A man, or woman for that matter, appearing to be of a certain height, could miraculously shrink at certain times of the day, if not constantly alert to the need of wearing their " elevator shoes at all times.
 The answer for these restrictions, came into affect the day shoe lifts were created, portable and inexpensive, they gave the same effect as their counterparts but without the financial cost or the restrictions, now individuals that needed a height increase could purchase the shoe lifts and transfer them to any of the shoes they already owned, several of the less expensive shoe lifts could be bought for the price of a single pair of the "elevator shoes", guaranteeing a sustainable increase in height for all occasions and any hour of the day.
 Shoe lifts come in a variety of designs all giving instant height increase at an affordable price and all totally interchangeable with whatever was the shoe of choice for that day. Some are of one piece and though effective give a sudden increase of height that might be easily noticeable. Some shoe lifts are adjustable, using several inserts, that can be gradually introduce so that height increase is progressive and likely a lot less noticeable also giving the user the chance to become accustomed to their increase in height.
 There are other benefits to an individual who wears shoe lifts, other than the obvious height increase, some people have, leg length discrepancy problems, one leg being shorter than the other, the use of just one of the shoe lifts can help to counter act the irregularity in leg length, preventing many of the problems encountered, such as leg and back pain, not to mention preventing awkward limping. Many podiatry practitioners, regularly prescribe the use of shoe lifts as a treatment for leg length discrepancy issues and countless sufferers have benefited.