Nipple Covers Pasties Petal, Heart, Round Shape 10prs

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Nipple Covers Pasties Petal, Heart, Round Shape 10prs Summary

Nipple Covers  Pasties  Petal, Heart, Round Shape 10 Pairs

Nipple Covers / Pasties, sometimes reffered to as modesty pads made from premium quality fabric, in petal, heart or round Shape. Our nipple covers are made to the highest standards, designed as one lighter colour layer outside, with a double darker layer in the middle, to protect delicate skin. Most nipple covers are hypoallergenic but the backing paper is not hypoallergenic . We only use the highest quality backing paper, exactly the same as used by the food industry, so our products do not pick up any unwanted particles, others that do not use this paper, are not totally allergy preventative. We look after both your skin AND your pocket, providing discreet coverage for erect breast nipples showing through bras, close-fitting or sheer garments.

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5 product stars
- hippocatumus - 9/13/2008
v.good product, v.good price, cheaper than if i bought in uk.

5 product stars
- naughtykitty77 - 9/8/2008
these things are genius! and they stay on for ages- i will be back for more :-d