Adjustable Shoe Lifts Inserts Height Insoles

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Adjustable Shoe Lifts Inserts Height Insoles Summary

1 Pair Adjustable Shoe Lifts

Adjustable Shoe Lifts could be extremely beneficial whenever you start out using  Shoe Lifts. You are able to begin by utilizing the minimum setting and then improve the height in 2cm increments. Slowly upping the height of your Shoe Lifts is really a both, secure and controllable method to gradually improve height.   Adjustable Shoe Lifts can add a maximum of 8 cm to your height, when all four additional shoe lift wedges are incorporated.
Every wedge adds 2 cm of height improvement, so you regulate the height improvement from 2cms to 8cm, the option is yours. Simply because the Shoe Lifts are adjustable, height improvement is accomplished in a progressive manner, enabling the user to get accustomed to every level of height improvement prior to moving up to the next level.
Adjustable Shoe Lifts permit height improvement to appear much more natural, as height improvement is achieved over a time period of your selecting. Adjustable Shoe Lifts with four levels of height improvement, every level adds 2 cm of lift. Adjustable Shoe Lifts add a maximum height improve of 8cm.  Trim with scissors or knife to fit any shoe size, men's or women's, totally unisex.

Contents: 2 x 2cm full insoles (right and left foot).
6 x 2cm wedges.

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